Every successful construction project begins with a detailed set of plans. When it comes to commercial electrical contracting, many components must be considered. The room for error can be significant, which is why it is crucial to work with an experienced team. Before construction can begin, it is good to have a clear set of goals covering every vital aspect, including budgets, proper methods and materials, safety, phasing, and scheduling.


Pre-construction involves the steps required before construction commences. Our experienced team will work with you one-on-one for preliminary planning, identification of potential obstacles, budget formulation, analyzing material costs, defining the project scope, and setting the schedule. Each of these elements come together and create the best plan for the most efficient use of resources and dollars.

This pre-construction process allows our clients to make informed decisions on their projects. This plan ensures all members of the project team are on the same page and are prepared for any hurdles. Overall, the proper pre-construction process saves time and money by identifying the required work and cost-saving opportunities.

Conceptual Budgets

Conceptual budgeting involves a rough cost estimate at the conceptual phase of a clients project. This budget is typically formulated based on preliminary drawings, narratives, and our experience. Our goal of conceptual budgeting is to determine an overall cost prior to moving forward with the planning and implementation stages.

Value Engineering

Applying value engineering to the construction process benefits developers and clients alike. Value engineering focuses on maximizing function, while minimizing cost. In other words, value engineering goals aim to increase a project’s value through functionality while implementing cost-saving measures. This is done by sourcing high-quality sustainable materials that are low-expense alternatives to higher cost materials. At Enterprise Electrical Contractors, Inc., our goal is to help you stay within your budget and find solutions to improve construction costs, all while maintaining exceptional quality.


Design-build is a unique project delivery system where both the design and construction services of a project are contracted by the same company, versus going through the hassle of hiring two separate firms. Enterprise Electrical Contractors, Inc., can simplify the project by combining the design and construction tasks by employing experts trained in both fields. Design-build delivery can minimize risks and miscommunication, as well as time and money.