Electrical Contractors in Connecticut


Enterprise Electrical Contractors, Inc., has provided high-quality electrical construction services to all our valued clients for over 30 years. We provide our construction electrical services and our electrical renovation services to commercial, industrial, and institutional property owners throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. For a highly reputable industrial electrical contractor, Connecticut commercial and industrial property owners can always put their trust in the hands of our experienced electrical contractors.

New Construction & Additions

If you own a piece of property and are looking to perform a building construction or are looking to make an addition to an existing building and are in the market for a top-rated CT electrical contractor, look no further than the pros here at Enterprise Electrical Contractors, Inc. Our highly skilled and experienced team is equipped to provide you with all the electrical construction and electrical services you need for your building addition and will ensure that all services provided and work performed meets with all safety requirements and complies with both national and local electrical codes.

Electrical Renovations

Here at Enterprise Electrical Contractors, Inc. we also take pride in providing top-rated electrical renovation services for older buildings and properties. Our high-quality services include upgrades, interior office renovations, energy conservation modifications, building expansions and all types of design and build projects. Our team of specialists possesses all the experience and training to accurately assess your wiring requirements and, thereafter, perform all necessary rewiring work ensuring that all work performed meets with your specific project and building needs.


Enterprise Electrical Contractors, Inc., a highly reputable CT electrical contractor, takes pride in our decades of experience working with both new construction electrical projects as well as renovation projects of all sizes. All work performed by our team of electrical construction experts complies with all OSHA standards and our team is steadfast in our commitment to ensure the overall safety of every project we undertake. We are committed to providing and properly outfitting your commercial building and property with the highest quality electrical architecture and to working with the budgets and timelines of all our valued clients. To obtain a free quote or to schedule a free consultation, contact one of our team members today.